Layerfiles for ArcGIS DoD Color Ramps

The ArcGIS plugins for GCD 4 only apply the default color ramps for displaying the data. This will be fixed in GCD 5. For now, you can download and use the *.lyr files in:

Included in the zip file are classified color ramps for:
  • DoDs (ranges for 1m or 2.5 m)
  • Point Quality
  • Point Density
  • DoD Probabilities
  • Slope
  • T-Score

Using Them

To apply the symbology from a layer file (*.lyr) in ArcGIS 9 or 10:
  1. Right click on the layer you wish to update the symbology for and click on Layer Properties
  2. Navigate to the symbology tab.
  3. Under the "Show:" box, select the correct display type for your layer (in these raster examples Classified)
  4. In the upper right corner, click on the Import... button
  5. Navigate to the layer file on your hard drive you wish to use and select it, then click OK
  6. It will attempt to apply the color ramp to your data set.
See here for more information in ArcGIS 10.